Dear participants, dear friends and supporters of the MT
We regret to inform all of you that our common project MT RALLY and MT SERIES has gone into history. After years of work we commonly took the sad decision not to organise any more the rallys under the sign of MT. Together we took this difficult, but final decision, even so the rallys under the MT had been our passion and
our full engagement. But the unstable situation in Europe and in Poland forced us, because we neither are able to guarantee the accessibility of the military training area, nor are we able to guarantee the necessary quality in organizing further events over there.
We like to thank all of our colleagues and friends from whole Europe for the trust you gave us during all this years. Our thanks goes to the command of the Drawsko military training area and to the district forest administration in Drawsko Pomorski, as well as to all others who helped to organize the MT RALLYS and SERIES through all the years and who supported our initiative.
With best wishes
Moli and Tomek (MT)